Winners of the 4th edition

The list of winners of the competition for the best presentations and posters:

1st place:
Gosia Golda for the presentation entitled “Attacking ATAC-seq – can we predict sequencing success from the bench?”

2nd place:
Robert Mąka for the presentation entitled “Functional analysis of fluorescent hypoxia sensor”

Julia Michalkiewicz for the presentation entitled “The role of histone H3 lysine 9 dimethylation in the regulation of mouse zygotes first mitosis”

Audience Award:
Mateusz Noszka for the presentation entitled “Edycja chromosomu bakteryjnego w obrębie genów kodujących podjednostki łańcucha O-swoistego w LPS Salmonella Typhimurium z wykorzystaniem metody λ Red”

First place ex aequo:
– Donna McCullough, Monika Opałek for the poster entitled “Variation in antifungal resistance of clonal Saccharomyces cerevisiae populations enriched with quiescent or nonquiecent cells”
– Katarzyna Zawieracz for the poster entitled “Biochemical properties of the human protein CLPB”

Audience award: Filip Szubert for the poster entitled “Ludzkie białko Yin Yang 1 – krok ku poznaniu preferencji strukturalnych”

We would like to congratulate the winners!

Fot. Dominik Smolarek /